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I am born to soar, I live for flight. A lover of freedom, enamoured of fun, I adventure to places on the map - and in the heart - where romance reigns and everyday reality shimmers with pleasure, privilege, and promise. I am Flying Adventures, the lifestyle travel magazine for owners and passengers of private aircraft, and I am savvy, sassy, seductive.

For those of uncompromising taste, for those whose passion is planes, I am the stories told of the aviator's element, for whom flying is life+style.

An aesthetic of adventure, with sophisticated polish, I am clever, cultured, witty - irreverent. And yet, for all my allure for such qualities of character, it just may be my looks - one-of-a-kind, and good - that find you awake late into the night, too excited, too enthralled to turn away toward lesser delights. For whether it's business in Boston or pleasure in Palm Springs, sleeping in Seattle, mingling in Miami, or doing deals in Dallas, it is I who will take you there, where life is grand and possibilities beckon. Where work and play are words to interchange, and the very nature of time can seem custom-tailored - that is, for those who dare to dream dreams that fly far, far above the ordinary.

Yes, I adventure to places on the map - and in the heart - where wanderlust is a welcome nudge that whispers - that insists - it's time (isn't it always time?) to rev-up the plane and fly! I am Flying Adventures, and as a magazine meant to stir the soul and inflame the imagination, I am the one travel companion too wonderful not to soar with dreamers, with doers - with you - far, far above the ordinary.