Readers Speak Out

“My husband is a pilot. His flying career began with the US Navy several years ago. Today he is a successful businessman and happily flies a Cessna 414 Chancellor. I happily sit right seat and am amazed by the skills required to fly an airplane and communicate on the radios. Your magazine, “Flying Adventures”, arrived at our house amidst a host of other magazines that fill our mailbox. The byline caught my eye. “Going Places in Aircars”. What a romantic notion! As I opened the magazine I was in awe. The writing is beautiful. Inspiring. And what flying magazine on the market would dare include “A Marriage Made in Heaven”

I know this may sound a little odd, but I am drawn to you magazine. In a couple of years I will be leaving my job in corporate America and will be seeking opportunities in the Southern California area. I wish you every success with “Flying Adventures”, and who knows? Perhaps our paths will cross.”

Annelle Scott, Financial Client Executive

“We just returned from San Francisco where we stayed and dined at The Orchard Hotel — once again, you hit a winner! We don’t want to miss any of your “adventures” so please sign us up for a two year subscription.”
Doug and Mindy, Scottsdale, AZ

“Just want to thank you for the magazines that you sent to me. The article was fun and seems to have amused several of your readers. They went to my website,, and emailed me mentioning that they had really enjoyed the article. They sent the emails to and the person who reads and sorts out that mail is saying that I now have my own “fan club.” One of the fellows had flown around the world in his 182, another was getting ready to retire and the article excited him about heading west and exploring. Besides being my personal mission, it makes me feel good to be able to bring snippets of joy into the lives of others. Thank you very much for providing the vehicle for me to accomplish that. Happy Flying!”
Ramona Cox, Aviator and Adventurer

“I have enjoyed reading the magazine and find a great deal of informative information in it. I especially enjoyed the article on Formation Flying…the Les and Gloria Strobe were Comanche friends for many years. They are missed by all of us in our Southwest Comanche Tribe. It is nice to see so many advertisers in the magazine. Your publication is excellent in all qualities. Thank you.”
Patricia, Santa Maria, CA

“Congratulations on a great flying publication. The magazine’s focused dedication to the private and corporate vacationer is insightful . . . and very motivating. All pilots will love to report their unique little spots in the world, sharing those great moments that bring family, friends, and aviation together…”
Loren, Lewisville, NC

“Love the magazine! I am a charter pilot and fly Lear 35’s for Aspen Aviation. I am also an avid golfer and loved those articles too. Looking forward to the next issue!”
Kim, Aspen, CO

“My wife and I are enthusiastic about cross country flying, up-scale relaxation and active sports. In the event we are lucky enough to win, we would be glad to write an article covering the adventure for your publication.”
Lloyd, Lubbuck, TX

“Love your mag….really look forward to every issue…My wife is also a pilot and we do Angel Flights in AZ and Calif…Keep up the wonderful articles.”
Doug, Scottsdale, AZ

“The wife and I are always getting great vacation ideas from your travel destinations…”
Ronald, Salem, OR

“I like the features on certain individuals/celebrities with flying interests…”
Christopher, Ashburn, VA

“Thoroughly enjoyed your last issue, which someone picked up and took from me, and so am unable to remember the source of where you buy your nav charts for your flights. I would appreciate this information for which I thank you in advance.”

“Great Magazine!!! My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the beautiful places to fly. We are looking forward to visiting several of them. It is refreshing to find a magazine that caters to flying opportunities. Finally, a magazine that offers a review of opportunities for pilots who utilize their aircraft for fun and recreation.”
David, Bernard, VT

“I like the format. Your articles are very well written and they outline the type of activities that my wife and I enjoy participating in. I am taking my wife to New Orleans for her birthday in October and will be researching your issues for any info that may make it a more enjoyable experience for her. Thanks and keep up the good work.”
mark@... Simi Valley, CA

“Love reading the articles!!! Wish I could travel to all the featured places. [Owner of a Baron and Navion]”
Linda, Weatherford, TX

“Great magazine. Thanks for the subscription.”
John, Sacramento, CA

“Enjoy your magazine – keep up the good work!”
J.Brent@... Hanford, CA

“Hello, I was at Gainesville, Georgia (KGVL) yesterday and dug out of the pile of magazines your latest issue. Great articles directed at those who fly and enjoy seeing beyond the terminal or FBO. I fly a corporate Hawker 125, and I’m fortunate to be able to see the sights (sometimes) of the cities I visit all across the U.S. and beyond. I’d love to receive your publication and I’m hoping you’re willing to send it to me in Canada. I also enjoyed scrolling through your site! Keep up the great work (if you call it work). …I’m looking forward to your nest issue.”
James, Kitchener, Ontario

“Thanks for your publication. It’s nice to see someone exploring new places for “us” pilots to go. You have a very nice publication and I look forward to your next one. I will be traveling to Williamsburg VA in May. Have only been to the airport in the past and I look forward to actually seeing the town this time. Thanks again and keep up the good work.”

“Thanks for keeping us on the list of recipients of ‘Flying Adventures’. It is gorgeous! Delighted to see the publication continuing and growing.”

“Greetings Pilot Michael, I was passing through Sedona in my 185 Amphib, fresh from visiting Page and the wonders of Lake Powell, when I stumbled on your publication in the lobby of the Sedona Airport. WOW! Your publication has touched on many of the emotional connections I have with flying my personal aircraft as well as sharing those feelings and sights with those I care for. I, as many of those included in your publication, mix personal with business travel as frequently as possible throughout the western US…You have captured “lightning in a bottle” with the concept and content. Congratulations!!!”
William@... Hood River, OR

“Thank you for the issue of your magazine. I hope that it does well for you. I hope that the community receives it well. We need a publication like the one to bolster the fun traveling that GA affords. If you have the time to write me a quick note someday or could suggest someone I may write or talk to I would like some advice on southern California. I am interested in relocating to an area of good weather with in one hour of a university town or city, preferably in a more rural/agricultural than urban area. I would like to be near an airport that is pilot friendly, preferably with a nice group of pilots based there interested in aerobatics, soaring, etc.. I have gotten as far as the Internet and a LA sectional and am interested in French Valley, Fallbrook, and Pauma Valley. If the weather is reasonable (something I am not well informed about at this time) Santa Ynez, San Louis Obispo, and Paso Robles. Any comments would be helpful. If you have any suggestions or comments on those places, I would be most appreciative. Thank you very much for your time and effort.”

“Great Magazine! Be sure to give Runway Lengths!”
John@... Bothell, WA

“I say my first copy of Flying Adventures this morning. I like it….the article on Fess Parker was fascinating. I’m creating a “Wall of Celebrity Pilots” for my FBO. I’ve discovered that, aside from the obvious contemporary ones like John Travolta, many celebrities have been involved in aviation over the years. To date, I’ve discovered, Arthur Godfrey, Jimmy Stewart, Roy Clark, Hugh Downs, Bill Cullen, Danny Kaye, Sam Walton, Mel Torme, Cliff Robertson and Jackie Coogan. Do you know of any others?”

“Just got your new magazine. Great stories, great pictures and I note some nice advertising….Good Luck and much success.”

“We had no idea what the San Fernando Valley offered. In fact we did not have a very good image of it before we read your article . . . Our pilots never told us about Peterson Aviation when we fly in for LA trips. Now its Peterson and the Valley. Thank You. We are planning to see more soon.”
Michael and Sally

“Pilot Michael, Three buddies and I just got back from Lost Canyons. This is a world-class golf course at a price we still cannot believe. We are so appreciative of the package you put together of us. Our wives were enthralled with the Marriott (a classy place) and shopping Ventura Blvd. With the volumes of golfing we do, we plan to wear out this package. Thanks again.”

“I have made reservations for Universal for next month and plan to visit the Autry Museum and do the driving tour. It all sounds great! Keep making those great magazines.”
George@... New Citation Jet Owner

“Williamsburg has been a favorite destination of many years now, though we haven’t been there for a few years. Your article inspires us to return soon.”
Philip@... Wenham, MA

“I want to commend you on the Magazine Flying Adventures. This is my first copy but I am very impressed with the magazine. I really enjoyed reading about all of the various destinations. As a matter-of-fact, I have just changed some travel plans to extend my trip in the Williamsburg area after reading your article. I really like the combination of pictures and dialogue about the destination combined with pictures, airport info and pictures of the airport at the destination. Keep up the good work.”
Woody@... Meridian, Mississippi

“Thanks for keeping us on the list of recipients of ‘Flying Adventures’. It is gorgeous! Delighted to see the publication continuing and growing.”

“Dear Michael, My son Peter (5) was fascinated by your magazine. He now definitely wants to fly. He feels that you own all the airplanes out there. I thought your magazine is fabulous; you’re well on your way.”

“Just a quick note to congratulate you on Flying Adventures. Colorful, fact-filled, fun to read – it’s a hit! With your talent, energy and resourcefulness, I’m sure you’ll be off to many more flying adventures in the years to come.”

Director of Communications, Palm Springs Desert Resorts, Rancho Mirage, CA

“Since you are a private aircraft owner/pilot you know the needs of your readership and your copywriting for our ads has been excellent. The best compliment I can give you is our 1/2 page ad order for your October issue. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you … and thanks for your continued enthusiasm for your magazine and The Donatello.”

Director of Sales & Marketing, The Donatello, San Francisco, CA

“Dear Michael, After reading a recent edition of your Flying Adventures Travel Magazine our family decided to take a weekend trip to the Bay Area. We made reservation at the Sofitel and flew in to San Carlos Airport. The hotel was everything you said it would be and then some. We enjoyed visiting the City and surrounding sights. Returning to the Sofitel was delightful too. The children swam while we enjoyed the lounge, and having breakfast in our room was a real treat. The weekend was so enjoyable that we wanted to let you know. It is rare in our experience to find a destination exactly as expected, based upon a magazine article. Thank you for getting us pointed in the right direction, we’re already planning our next flying getaway.”

Rand & Elizabeth

“Just got your new magazine. Great stories, great pictures and I note some nice advertising….Good Luck and much success.”


“I would like to thank you for the excellent write-up and layout you prepared. Your works for the restaurant were expressed quite vividly with color and imagination. Your write-up has described the restaurant exactly the way I would like it to have been written. Surely, this will help promote The Mandarin. I look forward to having a long and prosperous business relationship with you.”

President, The Mandarin, San Francisco, CA

“I’d like to receive Flying Adventures. I own ……, a Cherokee Six, and we travel for business and pleasure from the east coast to the desert southwest.”


“…enjoyed looking through your web site. It is indeed well designed and really loaded with interesting material, not only to your specific readership, but to others as well…Indeed, the whole concept of Pilot Michael’s Flying Adventures is an indulgence of wanderlust, of exploration, of the enjoyment of life..”

Joe@... Washington DC

“Teaser Magazine that I have received is great.”


“After reading your first issue of Flying Adventures I was hooked! … I appreciate your total focus on safety and read passionately the So Cal. flying stories that are loaded in every issue.”

Marketing Manager, Motorola

“It was great reading your magazine. I read it from page to page, not once but twice, and I was surprised to pick up pointers from the magazine which I had missed when I read it the first time! I am planning a flight into Concord, CA airport in two weeks and I got a great deal from Dollar Rent A Car when I quoted your magazine! I enjoyed your Palm Springs magazine, too, and I am looking forward to your future magazines with bated breath! Once again, congratulations on your excellent Pilots magazine – one of a kind!.”

Uday@... Las Vegas, NV