About Us

Founded in 1994, Flying Adventures is the brainchild of Michael C. Higgins. As the Founder and Publisher, with a doctorate in Business Administration, Higgins looked to fill the huge void in private aviation and brings travel to flying. Specifically, travel destinations and activities for owners and passengers of private aircraft who are always in search of the unique, rare, and diverse experiences.

Flying Adventures has evolved into a multifaceted marketing organization connecting the tourism industry with the ideal travel consumers. This link is rewarding for both ends and we are happy to make the connection. We value our relationships with our followers who look to us for travel recommendations and everyone in hospitality that makes each experience a beautiful memory.

Each and every single one of our journeys is about finding the ultimate. People who travel by private aircraft spend 339% more than travelers arriving by commercial airlines. The total size of this market is 2.86 million, and thru their frequent travels represent 144 million visitors annually. Since inception, Flying Adventures Media has cultivated 36.9% of this market, reaching 1.1 million, who represent 53.1 million visitors annually.

Follow us. Join us. We take you with us on every adventure. We explore the world with you in mind. The world awaits our travels. It calls out to each and every one of us, eager to open our eyes and expand our minds. It’s time to take off for more flying adventures.